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Terrance Higgins Trust, a leading UK HIV and sexual health charity, approached us with a request to redesign and develop a new website for their Welsh division, Terrance Higgins Cymru. The goal of the project was to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing website that aligns with the brand guidelines of Terrance Higgins Trust. The project involved initial discussions, collaborative design work on Figma, and the development of the website using WordPress.

Project Timeline:

  • Week 1-2: Project Initiation and Planning
    • Initial meetings and discussions with the Terrance Higgins Trust team to understand their goals, brand guidelines, and specific requirements for the Terrance Higgins Cymru website.
    • Detailed project plan and timeline established.
  • Week 3-6: Design Phase
    • Collaborative design phase using Figma, involving regular feedback and discussions with the client.
    • Creation of wireframes, mockups, and design prototypes.
    • Iterative design improvements based on client feedback.
    • Final design sign-off achieved.
  • Week 7-11: Development Phase
    • Implementation of the approved design into a fully functional WordPress website.
    • Customization of WordPress themes and plugins to meet the client’s unique needs.
    • Integration of content management system for easy updates by the Terrance Higgins Cymru team.
    • Rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Week 12: Project Delivery and Launch
    • Training provided to the Terrance Higgins Cymru team on how to use and manage their new WordPress website.
    • Final review and testing to ensure everything is ready for launch.
    • Website officially launched and made accessible to the public.

Key Achievements:

  1. Successful Collaboration: Close collaboration with the Terrance Higgins Cymru team, utilizing Figma for design work, ensured that the website met their vision and brand guidelines.
  2. User-Friendly CMS: The implementation of WordPress as the content management system enabled the client to easily update and maintain their website’s content without requiring technical expertise.
  3. Adherence to Brand Guidelines: The final website design aligned perfectly with Terrance Higgins Trust’s brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and a professional appearance.
  4. Project Completion: The project was completed within the expected timeline of 12 weeks, meeting the client’s expectations and budget constraints.
  5. Client Satisfaction: Terrance Higgins Cymru expressed high satisfaction with the final website, praising its user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal.


The launch of the new Terrance Higgins Cymru website marked a significant milestone for Terrance Higgins Trust’s Welsh division. The website not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. It serves as a valuable resource for information on HIV and sexual health in Wales, ensuring that the organization can better reach and support its target audience. The collaboration and efficient project management by [Your Company Name] contributed to the overall success of the project and enhanced the online presence of Terrance Higgins Cymru.

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  • Terrance Higgins Trust 
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  • New WordPress Website
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